The largest distribution channel for spare parts and accessories in Vietnam

With more than 7,000 auto repair shops spread across the country and more than 1 million car owners/drivers have joined the eCarAid platform. We aim to provide eCarAid users with the highest quality spare parts and accessories at the most reasonable prices. We are willing to cooperate with all partners who are suppliers of spare parts and accessories according to the principle that benefits are shared equally between suppliers and eCA users.

Join the eCarAid platform today to get the best deals.

    There are 5 reasons

    Why you should join the eCarAid platform?

    Professional management system

    Professional sales management system includes full management features for suppliers such as product management, sales orders, delivery orders, returns, customers, etc.

    Open API, easy to connect to existing system

    eCarAid's API system allows connection and integration with almost all available software for efficient data exchange.

    Available target customers

    With more than 7000 auto repair shops, more than 1 million car owners / drivers across the country, eCarAid is responsible for connecting suppliers with existing users in a spirit of mutual benefit.

    Cut Marketing, Sales & Intermediary Costs

    eCarAid is a modern and effective end-to-end sales channel, suppliers directly bring their products to the end users without intermediaries, reducing costs incurred in the traditional model and increasing profits.

    Increase revenue

    As a channel to reach the supplier's target customers with diverse types of customers, bringing business efficiency and increasing annual revenue.

    What suppliers said about eCarAid


    based on 20+ feedbacks

    Since using the eCarAid platform, I don’t need to spend any more commissions on sales associates. Thanks to the application, I do not need to go to each person. There are many eCA users on the application who have a need to buy parts and accessories, I just need to upload the item and price on the application and then people can see and ask to buy. Very useful app.

    Mr. Thanh - Supplier

    In the past, every time I bought auto parts and accessories at online or offline stores, I was quoted very high prices, but the quality of some of the items I received was very bad. But since switching to buying on the eCarAid platform, I am very satisfied because the price is affordable because the seller is the one who directly manufactures that accessory and the product quality is also very good, there are many product suppliers on the platform so the price seems very competitive.

    Ms. Quyen, car owner

    The application is very good. Since selling on the eCarAid platform, my factory’s profit has increased significantly because of the reduction in intermediary costs. Moreover, on the eCarAid platform, there are many customers and those are the customers with real needs, this helps me reduce the cost and time of searching, approaching customers, approaching the market. Everyone should join, the platform helps sellers like me sell a lot of goods and help buyers buy good products at cheap prices.

    Mr. Khanh - Supplier