Frequently asked questions

From car owners / drivers

In order to create favorable conditions for drivers, auto repair shops and the car-loving community to connect, exchange and help each other in SOS situations, eCarAid has launched the eCA application, allowing people to use the application is easy and completely free.

Depending on the conditions of each user, they will own a different number of vehicles. Therefore, the eCA application allows you to save your vehicle information to the vehicle list section without limiting the number of vehicles that can be saved.

Based on the wishes and circumstances of the user, they can optionally set the distance to send and receive emergency help within 100km.

Different from the traditional emergency call, when you submit a problem request on the eCA application, the person who can help you solve the problem not only nearby auto repair shops but also nearby other drivers.

All auto repair shops before officially joining the eCarAid platform are inspected and approved by the eCarAid team. Therefore, eCA users when having a car problem can safely send a help request without worrying about the expensive price but bad quality situation.

You can watch a detailed video on how to register for an eCA account for car owners / drivers and how to use eCA here:

From auto repair shops, service advisors

Currently, eCarAid is applying for a free program to use eCarAid platform in the first year for auto repair shops. At the end of one year of free use, from the second year onwards, each transaction that the auto repair shop successfully performs will be charged by eCarAid for 50,000 VND. A successful transaction here means that an auto repair shop using the eCA Service application received the problem sent from the drivers using the eCA application and repaired the problem. eCarAid charges a fee based on the completion of the transaction, not on the value of the transaction. Therefore, after each transaction, your garage can receive many different payments from customers, but the fee that eCarAid collects on each transaction is the same.

The number of eCA Service accounts that each auto repair shop can install is unlimited, depending on the number of garage employees, how many eCA Service accounts will be created.

Depending on the conditions of each auto repair shop, they can optionally set the distance to receive emergency assistance within a range of no more than 100km.

Absolutely. There will be two cases where you can edit the quote when you click to send a quote to the customer. The first case: when you click to send a quote but the customer has not confirmed it, you can edit the quote in the “Quote” menu. The second case: when you click send quote and the customer has confirmed the quote, you can edit the quote in the “Repair” menu in the “In progress” section.

Most eCA users are those who need to find an auto repair shop within close proximity to their incident. Therefore, in the event that the vehicle in trouble can still travel for a short distance, as long as your auto repair shop is in an area accessible to the driver, you can still get help with the problem. The driver’s car can’t be moved and your garage doesn’t have a mobile mechanic, you can ignore this problem.

eCarAid will summarize the transactions that the auto repair shop has successfully performed each month, along with the number of transactions will be the total fee that the auto repair shop needs to pay, and the auto repair shop can check the number and fees for the transactions, you can pay by bank transfer or send cash to eCarAid staff on the 30th of every month.

The eCarAid platform was created to help drivers in trouble get help in time, and help garages reach more customers. Therefore, the garage can completely take the initiative in participating or leaving when the platform is no longer suitable for the needs of its garage without worrying about losing any fees.

You can watch a detailed video on how to register for an eCA Service account for garage workers and how to use eCA Service here: