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The application of information technology in production and business activities in general and in the field of car auto repair shops in particular can bring many outstanding benefits. However, digitizing an auto repair shop is never simple, this requires an auto repair shop that costs a lot of money and time to build from infrastructure, operating procedures, user experience, etc.

We provide the optimal solution for auto repair shops to step by step digitize businesses to improve business efficiency, improve repair processes, and bring users convenient experiences with a comprehensive ecosystem.

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    The repair process is all in the eCA Service application

    The eCA Service app is an all-in-one solution, bringing convenience to both auto repair shop owners as well as service advisors/engineers. eCA Service brings the entire repair process into one’s phone, from problem reception, quotation, repair, acceptance to customers, orders, statistics. Besides, eCA Service also provides an effective communication channel between auto repair shops and customers, helping to exchange information quickly and easily. Download the eCA Service app to experience it today.

    What shop owners, service advisors, mechanics said about eCarAid


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    Since using eCA Management, monthly sales statistics are no longer difficult for me. Every month, eCA Management helps me to make complete and clear revenue statistics. Not only that, but I also control the quotes of employees, their work processes and capture the attitude of customers. Whenever I have a problem or have any questions, I call the eCarAid switchboard and there is an immediate support staff that makes me very satisfied.

    Anh Huy - shop owner

    eCA Service has helped me a lot in my work. Thanks to eCA Service, I can clearly identify the customer’s location through the application’s map, understand the vehicle’s condition through the images and videos that the customer sends through the eCA Service application. Well, the application also has the function of quoting and modifying product and service quotes, which is very convenient.

    Anh Thanh - service advisor

    Since I used the eCA Service application, the number of orders per month at my auto repair shop has increased significantly, there are more eCA users than I thought, and so I can reach many customers with damaged cars and in need of vehicle maintenance.

    Anh Hưng - shop owner

    A great assistant for all auto repair shops

    An assistant helps you manage all aspects of an auto repair shop. Manage your auto repair shop’s entire business, repair process, communication, and real-time performance and revenue reports through the eCA Service & Management platform.

    20K+ car owners

    600+ repair shops

    12K+ used cars

    27 cities/provices

    Core features

    Pickup & resolve incident

    Auto repair shops can easily receive vehicles that need to be repaired or refurbished from the eCA community through the eCA Service application. With eCA Service, your auto repair shop not only has regular customers, but now also has new customers.

    Car “in and out” management

    Auto repair shops can know the details of which vehicles are in the state of being repaired, accepted, paid, etc.

    Customer management

    eCA Service is a miniature customer relationship management (CRM) system that makes it easy for auto repair shops to capture information related to their customers, from needs to contact information and other issues in a detailed way, so that they can take care of their customers in the best way.

    Chat & video call

    In order to facilitate the process of approaching and repairing, consultants can communicate with their customers easily through chat and video call features right on the eCA Service application.

    Quotation Management

    Auto repair shops can create quotes, modify, update quotes if any arise during repair. The entire quotation process will be sent to the customer in a complete and transparent manner.

    Order Management

    All information related to orders such as quote status, repair status, payment are fully and accurately updated right on the eCA Service application.


    The work results of each consultant are individually statistical, you can see the statistics of the number of cars received, the individual revenue of each person, thereby creating the most accurate and complete report.

    Repair history

    The entire quotation and repair process is saved by the system. Auto repair shops can access repair history, order information anytime, anywhere.

    eCA Management - A Mini ERP

    eCA Management is a miniature ERP, helping auto repair shops manage its business effectively with the following features:

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