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eCA was created with the aim of creating a humane car community where drivers can share, help and connect with each other. With the eCA community and connected auto repair shop system, help will always be present on every road that the driver passes. We always recognize and appreciate every act of your help, no matter how small. Download the eCA app so you’ll always have companions and give you peace of mind on every journey. With eCA, friends are all around us.

A companion on every road

When a driver has a car breakdown on the road or SOS situations, timely support from a friend can be invaluable, we will be your friend wherever you are.

20K+ car owners

600+ repair shops

12K+ used cars

27 cities/provinces

Simple, easy and reputable

eCarAid provides a transparent platform where you can find the right repair services, accessories and suppliers for your car without fear of scams, overcharges, unprofessional service and false warranty, but does not require you to know any prior technical knowledge.

What car owners / drivers said about us


based on 1,506 feedbacks

The eCA application is very useful. Last holiday, my company organized a self-driving car tour, but on the way from Da Nang to Quy Nhon, our car unfortunately turned off. However, my co-worker knew about the eCA application, so he used it to submit a help request for my problem. After the request was sent, 3 auto repair shops sent confirmation of receipt of help with a quote for fixing my car shutdown problem. After comparing the prices that these 3 auto repair shops send as well as considering the distance of auto repair shops compared to my location, I have chosen the appropriate auto repair shop. Thanks to transparent quotes, I no longer have to pay a bad price when repairing my car.

Ms. Huong, Officer

When I brought passengers from Ho Chi Minh City to Binh Thuan, my car had a tire failure. But fortunately I knew about the eCA application before that. Almost 2 minutes after I pressed for help, several people including auto repair shops and other drivers received my “call for help”. Less than 10 minutes later, a driver showed up and helped me change a tire , then I sent him a gift bought on the eCA app at a very cheap price.

Mr. Cuong, Taxi driver

Why wasn’t this app available earlier? In the past, every time we led the group to tourist destinations, we had a car problem on the roads far from the rescue station, we had to wait for the rescue team to arrive for a very long time. Or there were a few incidents when calling the insurance parties they did not come to support, which negatively affected the whole group’s schedule. But since I know and use eCA, whether the problem is big or small I get support very quickly, more people reach my problem when I use the application. And because the price for each car product and service sent by many auto repair shops is very transparent, I can compare and choose the right auto repair shop so I don’t have to spend too much money compared to the cost. common for every car repair.

Mr. Minh, Tour guide

Core features

Create and submit a help request

Drivers can create a request (eCA supports audio recording, video, images) and send it to nearby users on the road as well as auto repair shops for help.

Chat and video call

Drivers can chat and call video with helpers or auto repair shops to exchange information about car problems if needed.

Transparency on price of services and accessories

Drivers can capture and compare the prices of services and accessories among many quotes sent to choose the best price in the eCarAid system.


When traveling within range of other eCA friends experiencing problems, the driver will receive a notification of those incidents. Out of compassion, we should accept requests and support each other.


Even the smallest supportive actions are recognized by eCarAid and the person being helped. The driver can manage the car, the vehicle's maintenance history in the best way, as well as get detailed information about the problems he has sent and the problems he has received.


Drivers who receive assistance can say thank you, award XIM points and give gift cards to their helpers. XIM points will be exchanged to buy gasoline, change oil, buy gifts...

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